Our Belief

Building resilient, healthy and socially empowered young people.

About Us

Moti-Talk Youth Group, is a health and social welfare youth organisation. Born of concern for the young people below 30, we offer outreach services in and around Zimbabwe complimenting health and social service providers in different angles of work to further universal access to health and social welfare information, awareness and support in young people.

What We Do


Created for the youth by the youth, Moti-Talk believes in communications for change. We are motivated to conduct and organise youth health dialogue sessions and platforms. Platforms that air the young voices to the world.
Our Beliefs


Offering both representational and facilitational evidence-based advocacy, we are motivated to advocate for both cases and courses. We are motivated to advocate for the implementation of policies, strategies and programs that improve the quality of health services.
Our Beliefs


Our reach out programs that operate through a very wide spectrum of themes that all collectively combine to form a healthy and socially well young person. We serve youth by engaging young people in programs that actively increase their knowledge base and help them make more informed decisions, for example, behaviour and change communications and comprehensive sexuality education projects.
Our Beliefs

Why Now?

As times are changing and technology is taking over, the amount and nature of youth problems is also changing. Young people in Zimbabwe are now experiencing newer health and social conditions and complications which are different from what the previous generation faced, meaning, most health issues that were once rare in young Zimbabweans are now very common and vice versa. Young people are now harder to reach due to increased psychosocial barriers that hinder effective communication and support service systems. This is now leading to the increased prevalence of health and social welfare problems amongst the young people.

Change A Life

Become a volunteer today and help touch a young life through supporting our projects, programs and events. By allowing our volunteers to work with us, we grant them an opportunity to share the vision and explore.

We take volunteers for specific projects and programs only. Our volunteers are our main workforce for that specific project. We allow these people an opportunity for capacity building and development where necessary to the project. Currently we have a pool of volunteers who are being trained as peer educators.

Although we are a group of dynamic young people from all over the country ready to share our intellectual capabilities to further social change, we still believe the ultimate solution to efficient humanitarian work is collaboration for goals. Partner with us today and get a chance to experience our brilliance. A partner is any individual / company / organization that affiliates themselves directly or indirectly with an endeavor for different reasons that might or might not include profit or any other form of benefit. We sign memorandums of understanding with a number of organizations to affiliate them fully or partially with our projects.

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